Vol 1, No 1 (2015)

RESD Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2015

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Table of Contents


Journal of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development PDF
Yasser Gaber Dessouky 1 - 2
Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development and Their Relation with Remote Sensing PDF
Farouk EL Baz 3
Future of Energy in Egypt and the World PDF
Hani Nokraschy 4 - 8
Energy Mix between Renewable Energy and Nuclear Energy PDF
Yousry E. M. Abushady 9
Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems – a perfect match for a sustainable society PDF
Frede Blaabjerg 10


Adaptive Artificial intelligence based fuzzy logic MPPTcontrol for stande-alone photovoltaic system under different atmospheric conditions PDF
Zaghba Layachi, Abdelhalim Borni, Abdelhak Bouchakour, Nadjiba Terki 11 -16
Power Quality Improvements in Wind Diesel Power Generation System PDF
Omar Feddaoui, Riad Toufouti, Salima Meziane 17 - 22
Maximum Power Tracking by VSAS approach for Wind Turbine, Renewable Energy Sources PDF
Nacer Kouider Msirdi, B Meghni, A Saadoun 23 - 29
A review of Indirect Matrix Converter Topologies PDF
Salem Rahmani, Lazhar Rmili, Kamal Al-Haddad 30 - 37
Comparison of Sliding Mode Control and Fuzzy Logic control applied to Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems PDF
Souhila Rached Zine, Mazari Benyounes, Mohamed Amine Bouzid 38 - 43
Position Control of Motor Drive Systems: A Data Driven Approach PDF
Hossein Parastvand, Mohammad Javad Khosrowjerdi, Nacer Kouider M'Sirdi 44 - 50
Location and Parameters of Power System Stabilizer for Small Perturbation of Tunisian Network PDF
Rim Ben Salah, Meriam Djebali, Omar Kahouli, Chokri Bouchoucha, Hsan Hadj AbdAllah 51 - 59
The VSAS approach gives the Best MPPT for Solar Energy Sources PDF
Nacer Kouider Msirdi, Bechara Nehme 60 - 71
Modelling of Diesel Generator Sets That Assist Off-Grid Renewable Energy Micro-grids PDF
Johanna Salazar, Fernando Tadeo, Cesar Prada 72 - 80
Pitch Angle Control for Variable Speed Wind Turbines PDF
Mouna Ben Smida, Anis Sakly 81 - 88
Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer for Different Fin Designs and Arrangements of Ceramic Plate-Fin High Temperature Heat Exchanger - Part I PDF
Yitung Chen, Vijaisri Nagarajan 89 - 97
Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer for Different Fin Designs and Arrangements of Ceramic Plate-Fin High Temperature Heat Exchanger – Part II PDF
Yitung Chen, Vijaisri Nagarajan 98 - 105
Aerodynamic Optimization of a Wind Turbine Blade Designed for Egypt's Saharan Environment Using a Genetic Algorithm PDF
Khaled Yassin, Aya Diab, Zakaria Ghoneim 106 - 112
On the Long-term Behaviour of Wind-Wave Climatology over the West Region of Scotland, UK PDF
Tarek M El-Geziry 113 - 125
A Brief Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its interoperability with TRNSYS PDF
Abdelaziz Naamane, AbdelAziz Boukara 126 - 130
A Mechanism for Using Renewable Energy Applications in Remote Areas PDF
Safwat Abdel Fattah Seleem 131 - 137
Energy Retrofitting of the Mediterranean Terrace Dwellings PDF
Despina Serghides, Marina Markides, Martha Katafygiotou 138 - 145
Sustainable Management of Climate Change: The Case of the Middle East and North Africa Region PDF
Adel M. Al Taweel, V. Ismet Ugursal, Donnie Boodlal 146 - 159
Durability Probabilistic Evaluation of RC Structures Subjected to Chloride Ion PDF
Han Seung Lee, Mohamed Ismail, Mohd Warid Hussin 160 - 166
A Sustainability Assessment Framework For Waterfront Communities PDF
Sally Said Eldeeb, Rania Abdel Galil, Alaa Eldin Sarhan 167 - 183
Triple –E Vessels: Tonnage Measurement and Suez Canal Dues Assessment PDF
Elsayed Hussein Galall 184 - 190
The Eco-Efficiency and Sustainable National Projects in Egypt PDF
Khaled Gaber EL Sakty 191 - 196
Culture -independent Pathogenic Bacterial Communities in Bottled Mineral Water PDF
Hamdy A. Hassan 197 - 204
Ruled-based control of off-grid desalination powered by renewable energies PDF
Alvaro Serna, Fernando Tadeo, David Torrijos 205 - 213
Self-Shielding Treatment to Perform Cell Calculation for Seed Furl In Th/U Pwr Using Dragon Code PDF
Ahmed Amin El Said Abd El Hameed, Mohamed Nagy, Hanaa Abou-Gabal 214 - 223
Economical Feedback of Increasing Fuel Enrichment on Electricity Cost for VVER-1000 PDF
Mohammed Saad Dwiddar, Ibrahim El-Osery 224 - 229