Journal of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development

Yasser Gaber Dessouky


Energy is one of the basic needs of humanity and, for ages, the sun seemed to be the main source of
all energy in the universe and that is why the ancient Egyptians used to venerate it. Many wastes and
corpses – under pressure and heat – have been converted throughout the years inside the earth into
the oil on which recent development is totally based to support humans’ life, particularly in
transportation and power generation. As time passes, it has been proven that oil will vanish. For the
first moment, it seemed like mankind will certainly suffer due to such a hard situation and some people
thought that we will get back to stone ages when oil no longer exists.
Thanks for the Renewable Energy scientist who has looked at the issue from a different prospective,
that is, even if oil vanishes, the main reason of its existence is still there, that is the sun .
The sun has the capability to still make people enjoy their life not only by enjoying the sunny weather
in many places of the world and having good times on the beach for those who live by the sea but also
the sun can still provide man with required energy and cause the wind to blow, the waves to raise, the
plants to be converted to biomass, and the earth to store its geothermal energy.
As long as life goes on, the sun will always rise and will always grant its energy to mankind. It is the
clean, renewable and sustainable energy, which guarantees sustainable development.
Because of the high correlation between renewable energy and sustainable development, the editorial
team of this journal thought of offering a hub to researchers interested in these two important fields to
present their work and share it with others who have the same interest in such a wide area of
research .
Thanks to the Academy Publishing Center, ‘APC’ owned by the Arab Academy for Science,
Technology and Maritime Transport ‘AASTMT’ for hosting this international journal .


Submitted: 01/03/2015

Accepted: 01/04/2015

Published: 01/05/2015 


renewable energy, sustainable devleopment

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