Power Quality Improvements in Wind Diesel Power Generation System

Omar Feddaoui, Riad Toufouti, Salima Meziane


Generation of electricity using diesel is costly for small remote isolated communities. At remote location electricity generation from renewable energy such as wind can help reduce the overall operating costs by reducing the fuel costs. However, the penetration of wind power into small diesel-based grids is limited because of its effect on power quality and reliability. This paper focuses on the combination of Wind Turbine and Diesel Generator systems for sustained power generation, to improve the power quality of wind generation system. The performances of the optimal control structure are assessed and discussed by means of a set of simulations.


renewable energy, wind diesel system, asynchronous generator, synchronous generator, diesel generators, micro grid.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21622/resd.2015.01.1.017


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