Vol 3, No 1 (2023)

ILCC Volume 3, Issue 1, June 2023

Articles accepted for this issue.

Table of Contents


Communication and emotions: the art of distinguishing, processing, and reacting PDF
Carolina Escudero 01-02


The framing of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the writing of Thomas Friedman: a conceptual metaphor analysis PDF
Reem Elguindy, Abeer M. Refky M. Seddeek, Jeff Wallace 03-14
Investigating implicature in the machine translation of selected conversations from the novel ‘The hunger games’ PDF
Laila Ahmed Kamal, Nesma Mahmoud Shoshan, Seham El Kareh 15-25
Maghrebians (or Mauri) speak Magharibi, not Arabic PDF
Abdou Elimam 26-29
Does social media impact the development of general English vocabulary? a case study of Egyptian university students PDF
Amr Selim Wannas, Inas Hussein Hassan 30-43
Attitudes of English for academic purposes learners towards using asynchronous videos in enhancing writing skills PDF
Haitham Mostafa Safwat, May M. Ghoniem, Abeer M. Refky M. Seddeek 44-54
Translation variants of Franz Kafka's metamorphosis into Albanian PDF
Edlira Gugu, Ema Kristo 55-68
The case of the pseudo-hypercorrection PDF
Jasper Doomen 69-71
Investigating the role of social media in tourism promotion: a case study from Egypt (2019-2021) PDF
Eman El Shamy, Samy Tayie, Maria José Recoder 72-81
Expressing stance in brand posts on Facebook: a cross-cultural investigation PDF
Iman Hany Omar, Iman Mahfouz, Sameh Al Ansary, Nevine Sarwat 82-99
The inter-media agenda-setting influence of social media activism on Egyptian news sites: a case study of violence against women (VAW) PDF
Nourhan Moustafa El-Sherbiny, Hanan Mohamed Youssef, Eman Essam 100-117
Conversational implicatures in “Negeri 5 Menara”: Is the principle of politeness violated? PDF
Farida Ariyani, Ali Mustofa, Bela Fransiska, Eka Sofia Agustina 118-127
Narrative structure in translation of Jean Webster’s novel Daddy- Long-Legs “ صاحب الظل الطويل ” by Batinah Ibrahim: a narratology perspective PDF
Titin Ardiyanti, Abdul Basid 128-137
Investigating diasporic identities in the Arab-American autobiographies of Leila Ahmed and Edward Said: a Socio-cognitive approach PDF
Aya Abdallah Elreedy, Nihad Mansour, Inas Hussein Hassan, Riham Debian 138-156