Vol 10, No 1 (2024)

RESD Volume 10, Issue 1, June 2024

Articles accepted for this issue.

Table of Contents


Mobility inequality of disadvantaged groups in Greater Cairo region PDF
Nouran Azouz, Marwa A. Khalifa, Mohamed El-Fayoumi 1-15
A comprehensive study of travel mode captivity: a nuanced perspective on car captivity in new Cairo, Egypt PDF
Rana Swelam, Marwa Khalifa, Nabil Mohareb, Yasser Moustafa, Sami Affifi 16-31
Coastal vulnerability assessment in urban planning: a comparative tool-based selection approach for the Egyptian context PDF
Aya Adel Hemida, Marwa Abo Elfetouh Khalifa, Morad Abdelsalheen, Samy Afifi 32-48
An integrated toolkit for equality in daily urban mobility in Saudi Arabia: advancing gender mobility indicators PDF
Amira Asaad, Asmaa Ibrahim, Tarek Abou El Seoud, Nancy M. Abdel-Moneim 59-76