Vol 10, No 1 (2024)

RESD Volume 10, Issue 1, June 2024

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Table of Contents


Mobility inequality of disadvantaged groups in Greater Cairo region PDF
Nouran Azouz, Marwa A. Khalifa, Mohamed El-Fayoumi 1-15
A comprehensive study of travel mode captivity: a nuanced perspective on car captivity in new Cairo, Egypt PDF
Rana Swelam, Marwa Khalifa, Nabil Mohareb, Yasser Moustafa, Sami Affifi 16-31
Coastal vulnerability assessment in urban planning: a comparative tool-based selection approach for the Egyptian context PDF
Aya Adel Hemida, Marwa Abo Elfetouh Khalifa, Morad Abdelsalheen, Samy Afifi 32-48
Influence of shared and innovative mobility on psychological wellbeing PDF
Rosa Arroyo López, Tomás Ruiz Sánchez, Lidón Mars Aicart 49-58
An integrated toolkit for equality in daily urban mobility in Saudi Arabia: advancing gender mobility indicators PDF
Amira Asaad, Asmaa Ibrahim, Tarek Abou El Seoud, Nancy M. Abdel-Moneim 59-76
Renewable energy in sustainable agricultural production: real options approach to solar irrigation investment under uncertainty PDF
Casper Boongaling Agaton, Charmaine Samala Guno 77-91
Review on issues and challenges to sustainable urban development in the state of Uttarakhand PDF
Avishek Ghosal, Anil Kumar, Sushil Kumar Rai 92-106
The commuting behavior and perception correlates of commuting trips: a comparative study on the Egyptian and migrant populations in Cairo and Alexandria PDF
Randa Khalil, Dina Noseir, Yasmin Kandil, Ahmed Shehata, David G. Farid, Aly Elrefaei, Houshmand Masoumi 107-122
Modeling the kinetics of pyrolysis of date seeds using artificial neural networks PDF
R. A. Felobes, Magdy Abadir 123-134
Promoting user well-being in central business district: the role of sustainable open spaces PDF
Shereen Hussein, Suzette Aziz, Rania Nasreldin 135-152
Applying citizen science method for odor measurement in urban areas PDF
Yasmine Amkieh, Ibtehal Youssef El-Bastawissi, Mary Felix 153-168
Understanding walkability criteria in high-density communities: a case study in Alexandria, Egypt PDF
Maye Yehia, Yasmin Kandil, Noha A. Fouad 169-186