Vol 3, No 2 (2023)

ILCC Volume 3, Issue 2, December 2023

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Table of Contents


Freire in Midsommar (2019): performative critical consciousness as social ritual PDF
John C. H. Hu 174-182
A study of women’s empowerment campaigns: a multimodal approach PDF
Asmaa Hathout, Nevine Sarwat, Inas Hussein, Riham Debian 183-196
The effect of YouTube advertisements with skip-button function on young Egyptian women’s purchasing behavior PDF
Donia Adnan Moawad, Hanan Gunied, Asmaa El-Mously 197-212
Investigating multimodal analysis in female documentaries about refugees crisis: a case study PDF
Ameera Fouad Farghally, Fatma Alzahraa ElSayed, Osman Fekry 213-231
El uso de la traducción en la enseñanza de ELE a los alumnos egipcios: La concordancia de género y número PDF
Salma Gamal Ghalwash 232-246