Vol 12 (2023)

MARLOG Journal, Volume 12, August 2022

Table of Contents


The outcome of implementing structured softes model as a post simulation debriefing strategy among marine trainees PDF
Ashraf M. Elsayed 1-18
Use of the geospatial technologies and its implications in the maritime transport and logistics PDF
Cezar Scarlat, Alexandra Ioanid, Nistor Andrei 19-30
An empirical research on connecting port and city infrastructure and its implications for the economy – case study: black sea ports PDF
Ștefan-Alexandru Catană, Andreea Barbu 31-39
Container moves per lift: the impact of spreader technology on bay time PDF
Shmuel Z. Yahalom, Changqian Guan, Elizabeth Langmaid 40-54
Nutritional and toxicological importance of nickel, copper and zinc elements in spirulina platensis PDF
Nagwa El‑Agawany, Mona Kaamoush, Hamida El Salhin 55-77