Robotics : Integration, Manufacturing and Control

Robotics : Integration, Manufacturing and Control (RIMC) journal is an open access biannual international peer-reviewed publication providing a global platform for the dissemination of research articles, case studies, and reviews across diverse disciplines, focusing on robotics integration and manufacturing.

Our journal strives to contribute essential research findings to the international community, aiding researchers, scientists, institutions, and societies in staying abreast of new developments in theory and applications. We welcome experimental, computational, and theoretical studies that enrich the understanding of robotics related challenges.

RIMC (Robotics Integration, manufacturing and control) journal is interested in publishing high-quality research papers on a wide range of topics related to robotics and manufacturing. Some specific examples of high-quality research topics include:
• Development of new robotic systems and technologies for manufacturing applications
• Integration of robotics and automation into manufacturing processes
• Control algorithms for robots and manufacturing systems
• Sensor technologies for robotics and manufacturing
• Human-robot collaboration
• Robotics for sustainable manufacturing
• Robotics for Industry 4.0

RIMC is an open-access journal operating under a liberal Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, ensuring that the copyrights of published materials are retained by the authors. Our commitment is to remain free of charge for both authors and readers. We offer an efficient online submission and peer-review system, allowing authors to track the progress of their articles.

Financial support for RIMC is generously provided by the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) to maintain a high-quality open-access source of research papers on the impacts of climate change and adaptive strategies.

Our journal boasts an esteemed editorial and advisory board comprised of eminent scientists, researchers, and experts from various disciplines, contributing their vast experience to enrich the content and quality of RIMC.

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