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Galall, Elsayed Hussein
Gessler, Paul E., University of Idaho
Ghitas, Ahmed, Department of Solar and Space Research, National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics Helwan, Egypt
Ghoneim, Zakaria
Ghosal, Avishek, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
Giaconia, Alberto, Project coordinator, Thermal and Thermodynamic Solar Division, ENEA Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development
Goudah, Ahmad A.
Gowaid, Azmy I.
Guno, Charmaine Samala, College of Teacher Education, Mindoro State University, Calapan City 5200, Oriental Mindoro


H. El-Zohri, Emad
Hadj AbdAllah, Hsan
Haile, Misrak Girma, Assistant Professor at Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
Halmy, Marwa Waseem, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University
Hamdi, Hassan, Cady Ayyad University
Hamouda, Rizk, 3Energy Engineering, Faulty of Engineering, Heliopolis University, Cairo, Egypt
Hassan, Gasser E, Department of Computer-Based Engineering Applications City for Scientific Research and Technological Applications Alexandria, Egypt
Hassan, Hamdy A., Associate professor
Hemida, Aya Adel, Ain Shams University
Heneidy, Selim Z., Faculty of Sciences, Alexandria University
Hirech, Kamal, Kamal Hirech Dept of Physics, University Mohamed I Laboratory LETAS, Faculty of Science Oujda, Morocco
Holliday, Derrick, University of Strathclyde   16 Richmond St, Glasgow G1 1XQ, United Kingdom Phone: +44 141 552 4400
Holzbach, Matheus, Universidade do Estado de Mato Grosso
Hornet, Iuliean, Ecohornet Ltd.
Hoseini Mighani, Atefeh, Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Hossam-Eldin, Ahmed, Electrical Engineering Department, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt. P.O Box 21544 Alexandria, Egypt
Hussein, M R, Chemistry Department Faculty of Science, Al–Azhar University, Nasr City, Egypt
Hussein, Shereen, Teaching Assistant at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts
Hussin, Mohd Warid, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Ibrahim, Asmaa
Ibrahim, I A, Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI), P.O. BOX.87 Helwan, Egypt
Ibrahim, Ibrahim A., Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI), Helwan, Egypt
Ismail, Mohamed, Hanyang University


Jaafar, Saman S., Physics department, College of Science,University of Halabja, KRG,Iraq
Jamouli, Hicham, LGII Laboratory, National School of Applied Sciences
Jemal, Abdulbasit Nasir, PHD Candidate at Addis Ababa Science and Technology Univetsity. In The Field of Thermal Enginneering
Jensen, Peter Badstue, Executive Vice President Power Plants & Integrated Energy Systems


Kahouli, Omar
Kaltschmitt, Martin, Head of the Institute for Environmental Technology and Energy Economics, Hamburg University of Technology
Kaltschmitt, Martin, Prof. Ing. Martin Kaltschmitt Head of the Institute for Environmental Technology and Energy Economics Hamburg University of Technology Hamburg, Germany
Kandil, Yasmin
Kandil, Yasmin, Department of Architecture and Environmental Design, Faculty of Engineering, Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Alexandria P.o. Box 1029, Egypt (Egypt)
Kaplan, Mahmut, Department of Machine and Metal technology Gaziantep University
Kassmi, Khalil, Mohamed Premier University,Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, Team: Electronic Components Photovoltaic Energies ECPE, Laboratory: Electromagnetism Treatment of signal and Analyses of the Systems LETAS, BV Mohammed VI, BP 717, 60 000 Oujda -
Kassmi, Khalil, Mohamed Premier University (MPU), Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, Team: Materials, Electronics and Renewable Energies MERE, Laboratory: Electromagnetism Treatment of Signal and Renewable Energies LETSRE, BV Mohammed VI, BP 717, 60 0
Katafygiotou, Martha
Khalifa, Marwa, Professor
Khalifa, Marwa A., Department of Urban Planning and Design, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
Khalifa, Marwa Abo Elfetouh, Ain Shams University
Khalil, Randa, Future University in Egypt (FUE)
Khosrowjerdi, Mohammad Javad

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