Vol 2, No 1 (2016)

RESD Volume 2, Issue 1, June 2016

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Table of Contents


Developing Water Resources Within and Without Borders: Egypt’s Road to Achieve Sustainable Development PDF
Hossam Moghazy 1
Silent Revolution in Research for Sustainability PDF
Bruce Alder 2-3
Substantial Research Secures the Blue Future for our Blue Plant PDF
Moustafa Abdel Maksoud 4-5


Comparative Study of Modulation Techniques for Two-Level Voltage Source Inverters PDF
Barry W. Williams, Peng Li, Grain Adam, Derrick Holliday 6-11
Control and management of energy in a PV system equipped with batteries storage PDF
Kamal Hirech, Mustapha Melhaoui, Rachid Malek, Khalil Kassmi 12-19
Conception and realization of a PV system provided with a sun tracker operating at dual axis PDF
Khalil Kassmi, Rajae Gaamouche, Ali Lamkaddem, Soufian Talbi 20-29
Soil inertia and shallow basement envelope impact on cellar internal temperature PDF
Naima Sakami, Hassan Hamdi, Lahcen Boukhattem 30-36
Lithium-ion Battery Degradation Assessment and Remaining Useful Life Estimation in Hybrid Electric Vehicle PDF
Nabil Laayouj, Hicham Jamouli 37-44
Urban temperature analysis and impact on the building cooling energy performances: an Italian case study PDF
Michele Zinzi, Carlo Romeo, Emiliano Carnielo, Alessandro Mangione 45-51
Asymmetric Fuzzy Logic Controlled DC-DC Converter for Solar Energy system PDF
Mohamed Boutouba, Abdelghani El Ougli, Sabah Miqoi, Belkassem Tidhaf 52-59