Vol 2, No 2 (2016)

RESD Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2016

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Table of Contents


Biofuels – On the way to sustainability?: Opinion PDF
Martin Kaltschmitt 60-63
The Challenges of Safety Culture: No more risk! PDF
Julija Melnikova 64-67
The importance of interpretive social science to promoting renewable energy and sustainable development PDF
Steve Connelly 68-69


Sustainable Development and Social-Ecological-Technological Systems (SETS): Resilience as a Guiding Principle in the Urban-Industrial Nexus PDF
Klaus Krumme 70-90
Logistics Road map for Smart SeaPorts PDF
Khaled Gaber EL Sakty 91-95
Control of Three-to-Five-Phase Matrix Converter Using Carrier-Based PWM Algorithm PDF
Said M Allam, Sherif M Dabour, Essam M Rashad 96-111
Transformer Isolated Buck-Boost Converters PDF
Barry W. Williams 112-125
Recent Positioning Techniques for Efficient Port Operations and Development of Suez Canal Corridor PDF
Ahmed Elhattab 126-136
Importance of communication and information technology and its applications in the development and integration of performance in seaports PDF
Tarek Mohammed Attia 137-146
Environmental Compensation for Port Extension: The Case of Rotterdam Harbor and Nature Compensation, Policy and Practice PDF
Frank van der Meulen 147-153
CAD And Distributed Manufacturing Solutions for Pellet Boiler Producers PDF
Timur Mamut, Iuliean Hornet, Laurentiu Oancea, Camelia Bacu 154-157