Opportunities of energy saving in lighting systems for public buildings

Ayman Abd El-khalek, Kamelia Youssef, Ibrahim Yassin


The lighting system provides many options for cost-effective energy saving with low or no inconvenience. Lighting improvements are excellent investments in most public buildings, it is usually cost-effective to address because lighting improvements are often easier to make than many process upgrades.

For public buildings, the easy no and low cost options to help save money and improve the energy performance are:

  • Understand energy use.
  • Identify options
  • Prioritize actions

Make the changes and measure the savings.

Continue managing energy efficiency.

The challenge is to retrofit traditional lamps with LED lamps of good quality. The benefits of LED light bulbs are long-lasting, durable, cool, mercury free, more efficient, and cost effective.

The light Emitting Diode (LED) bulb uses a semiconductor as its light source, and is currently one of the most energy efficient and quickly developing types of bulbs for lighting. LEDs increasingly are being purchased to replace traditional bulbs. LEDs are relatively more expensive than other types of bulbs, but are very cost-effective because they use only a fraction of electricity of traditional lighting methods nd can last for longer.

Benchmarking guides decision makers to policies aimed at the energy sector through better understanding of energy consumption trends nationwide, e.g.: energy price, moderating, peak demand, and encouraging sectors, low energy expansions.

The “Improving Energy Efficiency Project of Lighting and Appliances” carried out energy audits and implemented opportunities of energy saving in lighting for different type of public buildings.

To rationalize the use of energy by giving guidelines to consumers, the IEEL&A project prepared some brochures.

This paper leads with the results of case studies as energy audits, opportunities in lighting systems, energy saving and CO2 reduction.


energy saving; lighting systems; public buildings

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21622/resd.2017.03.1.095


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