A Mechanism for Using Renewable Energy Applications in Remote Areas

Safwat Abdel Fattah Seleem


Currently our world is facing the challenge of natural resources depletion, specifically, the depletion of fossil fuel resources. Accordingly, the implementation of the sustainable energy sources is no longer a luxury, but a key issue for survival. Egypt is one of the most fortunate locations when it comes to renewable energies such as wind and solar but implementation remains lacking.  This paper addresses this matter by offering simple applicable solutions for remote areas such as Al-Wadi Al-Jadid and Sinai. The idea is based on creating a self-sustaining simple closed system that can be replicated in different settlements which offers prosperity for the local communities. The proposed system will be designed  to  address  the  technical,  financial  and  social  barriers  that  prevent  renewable energies from becoming widespread in Egypt. Such a system would consist of financial institutions, suppliers, local technical capacity building, and local awareness raising and education. In addition, using the fly ash material in concrete structures aims to save energy, to reduce using of cement as the fly ash replace about of 25 % of cement quantity. Accordingly the use of fly ash material leads to reducing the emission of CO2 coming from the factories of cement. Simply, in order for renewable energy to spread, the community as a whole must benefit, private individuals must benefit by being able to make a living out of renewable energy, and the structures for finance must be available.


Wind Energy, solar Energy, Fly Ash, Friendly Environmental Concrete

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