Future of Energy in Egypt and the World

Hani Nokraschy


If the whole world, which Egypt is a part of, continues business as usual in the field of electricity

generation, namely, using the same regimes adopts today, burning fossil fuels and Uranium fission,

both fuels will run out within sixty years at most and the world will definitely return to the Stone Age.

Shall this be the end of the Egyptian people … the history makers?

Generating energy is the next necessity to human life after water and food, since it is the major

stimulus of development. However, what is the aim of development if it is only momentary; then

followed by an endless abyss?

Shall we wait till fossil and nuclear fuels run out? Jostling over the remaining fuel will certainly be

fierce and we will pay a high price for it, a matter that will subsequently lead to demolishing the

ingredients of development.

Considering that oil is now dominating our way of life, it shall be wise to start immediately planning for

the post-oil age, provided that it is a sustainable plan set up to continue its validity as long as humans

live on this planet; this cannot be achieved except if we shift to renewable energies.

Looking at Egypt and its available renewable energy sources, it becomes evident that the solar

energy, particularly in Upper Egypt, can give more than the present and future needs of the Egyptian

society and even cover the demand of the whole world for electricity.


renewable energy, sustainable development, Solar Energy, Concentrated Solar Power

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