Vol 2, No 2 (2023)

MRT Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2023

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Table of Contents


Ranking the factors applied in simulation training leading to better traffic in Alexandria Port using AHP PDF
Ashraf Mohamed Elsayed 93-107
Toward implementing the marine spatial planning approach in the Egyptian marine areas PDF
Mamdouh Awad Abdelrahman Shahhat 108-124
Assessing the role of green technologies in reducing environmental footprint of ports PDF
Mohamed Nabil Elnabawi, Hossam Eldin Bakr Abd Elsalam 125-132
Maritime accident analysis using modified HFACS-MA PDF
Eslam A. Youssef, Sameh F. El-Sayed, Said Abdelkader 133-139
A review on simulation based training on autonomous ships and protection of Egyptian maritime security PDF
Ashraf Mohamed Elsayed 140-150
Utilizing of the quality function deployment (QFD) to analyze the effects of using autonomous vessels on maritime shipping factors PDF
Mustafa Abd Elhafez, Sameh Rashad, Tamer S. Riad 151-160
Acceptability of the e-learning module in seamanship 2A (trim, stability, and stress) PDF
Clarence Kay S. Gabasa, Carlos D. Victoriano III 161-171