Advisory Board

Abbas Abdel Halim Yehia, PhD Professor, Head Of The Architectural, Engineering & Environmental  Design, Department, Arab Academy For Science & Technology, Egypt
Abdel-Wahab Shalaby Kassem, PhD Professor,  Agricultural Engineering Department, Faculty Of Agriculture, Alexandria University, Egypt
Adel Khalil, PhD Professor, Mechanical Power Engineering Department Faculty Of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt
Ahmed Abu Saud, M.Sc Chief Executive Officer (Ceo) Of Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (Eeaa)
Ahmed Hossam El-Din, PhD Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, Alexandria University, Egypt
Almoataz Y. Abdelaziz, PhD Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, EGYPT
Amr A. Amin, PhD Professor, Electric Power And Machines Department, Faculty Of Engineering, Helwan University, Egypt
Anhar Ibrahim Hegazi, PhD Director, Energy Efficiency Unit, Idsc, Egyptian Cabinet Of Ministers, Egypt
Fatma Ahmed Moustafa Ali, PhD Chairman For The Executive Committee For The Regional Center For Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency (Rcreee), Egypt
Fatma El Zahraa Hanafi Ashour, PhD Chairman, Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty Of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt
Fuad Ahmed Abulfotuh, PhD Professor Emeritus, Alexandria University, Egypt
Galal Osman, PhD Vice President, World Wind Energy Association (Wwea), Bonn, Germany
Hend Farouh, PhD Executive Director Of The Central Unit For Sustainable Cities & Renewable Energy, New Urban Communities Authority, Nuca
Khaled El Zahaby, PhD Chairman, Housing And Building National Research Center, Hbrc, Cairo, Egypt
Mohamed Mostafa El-Khayat, PhD Managing Director Of Technical Affairs Sector, New And Renewable Energy Authority, Egypt
Mohamed Orabi, PhD Director, Aswan Power Electronics Applications Research Center (APEARC), Aswan University, Egypt
Radwan H. Abdel Hamid, PhD Professor, Helwan University, Egypt
Tareq Emtairah, PhD Executive Director, Regional Center For Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency (Rcreee), Egypt