Author Guidelines

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts intended for submission to RESD should be prepared as following:

  1. Correct scientific English language must be used allover the manuscript. British dictionary should be followed for vocabulary, usage and grammar.
  2. The manuscript should be submitted in MS Word or PDF formats.
  3. Text should be typed in 12 pt Times New Roman font, single column, 1.5 line spacing and wide page margins (2.5 cm margins)
  4. The cover page should only include the manuscript title, author names, affiliations, abstract and keywords.
  5. The title should be indicated in bold font, author names should be formatted as “First name, SURNAME”.
  6. A maximum of six keywords should be provided and separated with “;”.
  7. Figures and tables must be cited in text and placed in the manuscript right after their first in-text citation.
  8. Figures must be integrated in the manuscript in image format (JPG, TIFF, BMP). The minimum resolution for figures is 150 DPI.
  9. Mathematical formulas and equations must be numbered consecutively, and proper nomenclature should be provided whenever necessary.
  10. Reference citations should be styled according to the IEEE Reference Style (download the IEEE citation reference here)
  11. The use of footnotes should be as minimum as possible.
  12. Manuscript length should not exceed 20 A4-size pages.