A Drop-in Replacement for LR(1) Table-Driven Parsing

Michael Oudshoorn


This paper presents a construction method for a deterministic one-symbol look-ahead LR parser which allows non-terminals in the parser look-ahead. This effectively relaxes the requirement of parsing the reverse of the right-most derivation of a string/sentence. This is achieved by replacing the deterministic push down automata of LR parsing by a two-stack automata. The class of grammars accepted by the two-stack parser properly contains the LR(k) grammars. Since the modification to the table-driven LR parsing process is relatively minor and mostly impacts the creation of the goto and action tables, a parser modified to adopt the two-stack process should be comparable in size and performance to LR parsers.


LR Parsing; Parsing Algorithm

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DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.21622/ace.2021.01.2.047


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