Vision and Mission


Our vision is to be the most recognized academic publisher, providing the most transparent, professional and innovative support for academic authors with a standard of excellence to get their work published in international basis.


As academic publisher our mission is to offer high quality publishing package at affordable price with extensive publishing, editorial, design, marketing services and global distribution, providing publishing opportunities to authors who have no experience in publishing field and also for experts to publish books that will impact the educational process positively.


1. Integrity in dealing with authors
2. Honour the commitment that have been made to publish an author work
3. Courage to let author know if their work is not suitable for print
4. Partnership our authors help us to define who we are and we help authors to get their work published
5. Responsibility for our actions, products and services
6. Development and evolution constantly working to improve ourselves, products and services
7. Commitment to offer great products and services that impact the educational process positively
8. Equity ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to publish their work if it met our requirements
9. Trust it should be possible for authors to trust that the project will deliver on its promises
10. Usability every author able to use our platform to make their work published