Academy Publishing Center (APC) is a publisher of world class peer-reviewed academic journals, reference books and research monographs. It is one of the specialized centers of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport; the leading science and technology institution in the Arab world and an organization of the League of Arab States.

In APC, we see research as a central and main interest of higher education, hence, we strive to lead novel publishing models which envision sustainable interaction between higher education and research. Open-access, copyright preservation, and publishing policy transparency are essential elements of such vision.

The editorial team of APC journals, books and monographs include eminent scientists from all over the world, who utilize their experience and potential to deliver cutting-edge publishing service to the research and development sector in academia and industry. The final objective is to advance the academic publishing industry to greater heights where research related information is seamlessly published in the cyberspace, along with proper evaluation tools to empower the new generation of researchers and academicians.