Generating Electricity Using Geothermal Energy in Iran

Mohammad Vahedi Torshizi, Armin Ramezani, Arash Attari, Farhad Tabarsa


Given that fossil fuels will end one day and these types of fuels have a lot of pollution,  Each country should look for new ways to generate energy that is needed by its people in proportion to its energy resources .  Given that Iran is geographically located in an appropriate region of the earth ,it has great potential for using of renewable energy . In this study, sources and uses of Iranians geothermal energy has been studied , All of which indicates that Iran has a very good potential for electricity production using geothermal energy .  According to the study, Iran has one geothermal energy plant in  Meshkin shahr city and this plant power with capacity of 100 megawatts is an active power plant in Iran. Also The potential of geothermal power generation was verified in Khoy located in Azarbaijan Gharbi province, Sabalan Ardebil province, Sahand in Azarbaijan Sharghi and Damavand in Tehran province Examination verified that around 8.8% of total land in Iran is capable of geothermal energy production


Iran ,Geo Thermal Energy , fossil fuels, renewable energy

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