The application of solar energy in agricultural systems

Mohammad Vahedi Torshizi, Atefeh Hoseini Mighani


Given that one day ends fossil fuels, need is  that finding alternative fuels for them And renewable energy is an alternative to fossil fuels and  nowadays gets much attention to it . in Between renewable energy sources, solar is more important , Because it is in all parts of the world. also This energy is used in various industry including agriculture And can using this fuels cultivated crops in the farthest corners of the world. Also The fuel is In addition to being to many and  other, hasn’t pollution of fossil fuels.

Using the solar energy can , had  agricultural active in all areas , And given that with increasing population is increasing need to agricultural products And agricultural land is a fixed scale should Non-cultivable land planting agricultural products That greenhouse, a method is  that used Nowadays And Using the solar energy can built solar greenhouses in areas far from the city. also Can cited The other applications of solar energy, irrigation, drying products, ventilation niches . In this study, we have discussed some of the benefits of solar energy in agriculture .


Fossil fuels ; Solar Energy ; Agriculture

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