Optimal PMUs Placement Due to Several Stages for Achieving Full System Observability

Mohamed Badr, Ahmed Hossam-Eldin, Nabil Abassy


The new measurement devices such as phasor measurement units (PMUs), is considered to be an essential component in implementing future power network systems. The problem of optimal placement of PMUs (OPP) requires finding a minimum numbers of PMUs that must be installed to provide full system observability. Due to the large number of the PMUs required and their relatively high cost, it is important to partition the installation of PMUs placement into several stages to overcome this problem. A new proposal depends on limiting the number of installed PMUs at each stage and maximizing system observability will be illustrated in this paper. The proposed method will be implemented on IEEE-14 bus system and IEEE-30 bus system.


phasor measurement units ; Observability; optimal placement

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21622/resd.2017.03.1.012


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