The Boost Converter – Revisited

Barry W. Williams, Tee Lim


The dc-to-dc boost converter is a single-switch, single-inductor, switching circuit used to efficiently transform energy from one dc voltage level to a greater voltage level of the same relative polarity. For a specific resistive load range, as the duty cycle decreases, the boost converter inductor enters a discontinuous current mode of operation - the output load current having decreased to a definable level. This paper analyses the fact that a further reduction of load current, as the duty cycle decreases towards zero, will always result in the re-emergence of a continuous inductor current condition. Further, at the other load extreme, high-current, progressively for increasing load current, starting at low duty cycle conditions, the minimum inductor current always increases from a fixed normalised current level, for a specific load range. These and other hitherto unexplored boost converter properties are analysed and verified mathematically and with PSpice simulations.



switched mode power supplies, smps, boost converter, dc to dc converters

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