Re-enforcing Bridges between Different Medical Research Fields

Amira Senbel


Welcome to the first issue of “Advances in Medical, Pharmaceutical and Dental Research, AMPDR”, a new international, peer-reviewed journal published by the Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT) Publishing Centre.  The journal comprises three main sections: Medical and Clinical Research section which serves all fields of medical and clinical practice, Advanced Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Experimental and Applied Dental research. Original research papers, review articles and case reports are welcomed. The journal equally encourages recommendations for special issues covering hot medical topics and findings of national and international importance. 

As the title suggests, the AMPDR journal welcomes contributions from various health-related fields, but more importantly, inter- and multi- disciplinary research in these fields along with technological advances which nowadays contribute to all fields of research. Recently, AASTMT embarked on establishing faculties in various medical sciences such as Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry. Fortunately, this couldn’t come at a better time now that the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic showcased how advances in medical research could be the center of attention worldwide. This calls for establishing AMPDR to highlight the ever-increasing demand to publish findings in different specialties related to healthcare and medical field. Based on the growing support of the Interdisciplinary research as having as a main goal to “advance fundamental understanding or to solve problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline or area of research practice” [1], we believe that combining and presenting contemporary research findings by different teams from different medical research interests not only give change to widen the scope of knowledge but also  provides chance to integrate information, techniques, perspectives, concepts, and/or theories, for the advancement of medical practice.

AMPDR has an ultimate goal to become a major international publication hub for medical sciences. Our journal has compiled a list of renowned scientists as member of the editorial board, which contribute and enrich the journal with their vast experience in different fields of interest. As editorial team, we give special and indispensable respect to academic integrity,  ethics in clinical studies to be in accordance with the ethical standards laid down in the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki [2] and its later amendments, as well as welfare of experimental animal use in research and 3Rs principle [3]. 

By the launch of this journal, AASTMT also continues its everlasting efforts in embracing the sustainable development goals of UN, by not only promoting health and well-being, medical care, sports facilities, healthy environment, national and international cooperation in the field of health promotion and education, but also by supporting research, innovation and exchange of professional expertise in this field and present it nationally and internationally.

We are committed to make AMPDR a leading international journal in all aspects of medical fields, and we rely on our valued contributing authors, reviewers and eminent members of our editorial and advisory board. Thank you for considering AMPDR in your professional reading list and for your next contribution.


Medical research; Interprofessionnel; Multi-disciplinary; 3Rs principle

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Gohar, F., Maschmeyer, P., Mfarrej, B., Lemaire, M., Wedderburn, L. R., Roncarolo, M. G., & van Royen-Kerkhof, A. “Driving Medical Innovation Through Interdisciplinarity: Unique Opportunities and Challenges.” Frontiers in medicine, 6, 35, 2019.

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